Shinya Kumazawa (b. 1970) was born and raised in Suwa in Japan, where it is a basin with Lake Suwa, surrounded by mountains. The area has a long history of the Suwa Shrine where people have been protecting and deifying the mountains and trees over 2000 years.  His fascination to the nature goes back to his childhood when he was mesmerized by the stars. Even in the cold winter night he took out his telescope to watch stars, planets and the moon. 


Shinya has been living and painting in Toronto since 2000.  For the first decade, he devoted himself to painting nature in High Park.  Mesmerized by the shifting seasons as they unfold on the 400 acres, ranging from blooming cherry blossoms from his homeland to changing fall leaves and glittering snowscapes typical of the Canadian landscape, he has created over 100 paintings.  With 50% of this work physically painted in High Park, Shinya has not only drawn the attention of regular park visitors as he worked his canvases, but also the attention of the Park's wildlife - once having painted in the company of a coyote. The colours and contrasting lighting that typifies this Toronto gem is Shinya's muse.


Currently Shinya is exploring light, color and space and attempting to recreate a life in the canvas.  His subjects are from nature in High Park, deserts in Arizona and buildings in Europe- all where he feels spirit or power in the scene.  By using brush strokes and color combinations, he is challenging himself to emerge the natural energy in the paintings.